Some things about me

Stephanie de Smale is a humanities/computer science PhD candidate at Utrecht University, affiliated with the Center for Conflict Studies and the Center for the Study of Digital Games and Play. Stephanie obtained a bachelor in communication and two cum laude master degrees in new media studies, specializing in: playful and digital methods, cultural politics, conflict studies and human rights. She teaches new media theory and digital identity.

She is a board member of the University Council (2017-2019) at Utrecht University and founder of Junctions: Interdisciplinary graduate journal of the Humanities, for which she was editor-in-chief (2015-2017).

Her past research is broad and diverse. It has included work on the use of simulations and games in academic education, the role of play of the online do-it-yourself (DIY) biology movement and biohacker practices on public discussions concerning bio-technologies, and data analysis of political discussions on social media in the Netherlands. Although Stephanie has a diverse humanities background, her research is always practice-based and focuses on contemporary culture.

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