Research Protocol Systematic Literature Review

In this post I share the research protocol for our systematic literature review me and my team conducted for the project ‘simulations and games in tertiary education’. See my research, or our project page for more information about the project.



“The growing popularity of simulations and games invites the production of insights that help academic teachers to use simulations and games in their courses. This article clarifies positive conditions to use simulations and games in tertiary education. Based on a systematic review of literature we tentatively find a positive or neutral relationship between using simulations and games and achieving learning objectives. Also, we find three recurring conditions for successful use of simulations and games: the specificity of the game, the integration in the course, and the role of a guiding instructor. Finally, we express the strong need for a scientific framework to measure effectiveness of simulations and games.”


This paper is presented at the Games and Learning Alliance (GALA) conference in 2015. Proceedings will be published in Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science.


Download the research protocol

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