Play / Perform / Participate (/Present)

On April 16-18 2015, the international conference ‘Play / Perform / Participate’ of the International Society of Intermedial Studies was hosted by Utrecht University.

The atmosphere was very relaxed, and the organization really succeeded in staging a space that was a creative and friendly environment to be a part of. On the second day of the conference I presented my paper: ‘Transgressing Making, Moving, Showing: Material Performance in the Game Bounden’. The paper explored the material memory of performance present in media applications, and the game Bounden in particular.

Bounden is a two-player dance game intended to introduce players to Ballet by teaching them choreography. Released on iPhone and later on also Android, Bounden is available on the iTunes Store and Play Store. The game is designed to register the smartphone’s movement as movement in the game. Through gameplay the application introduces players into the world of Ballet dance. Using the game Bounden as a theoretical object, it addresses the question to what extent the material layers of artistic practice in the game Bounden provide insight into transgression between play and performance. Read more on my paper here.

My assigned panel was concerned with the history and politics of archiving and memory. My co-presenters were new media scholar Sanne Koevoets (Utrecht University), who presented on feminist archives and their mediating potentials, and Performance scholar Gavin Findlay, who wrote about mediatization, archives, and the efficacy of performance.

The combination of artistic interventions, lectures given by artists about their work, and a podium for young scholars as well as established researchers in the field of intermediality to present their work was great. My compliments to the organization, we will meet again!

Check out the facebookpage for photos of the conference!

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