SPAT Game Jam at Utrecht University

Now that the summer school is over, I feel the need to make an extra blog post about the SPAT GAME JAM we organized as part of the summer school. In co-organizing the summer school, the game jam was kind of my baby, and I am very proud how it turned out. In collaboration with Karel Millnaar (HKU, HvA), Annakaisa Kultima (University of Tampere), Jussi Holopainen (GEElab Europe) and Keimpe de Heer (HKU) we took over Rotslab in Utrecht for a weekend, what a ride!

As mentioned in an earlier blog, the summer school for games and play took place in between 18 and 29 August 2014. The jam, which was organized in the weekend, provided a space for scholars with much experience and scholars with little experience to experiment with game design. Celebrating every result with some shots to keep the spirits up, really cool games were delivered. Below are some of the images and video’s of the game jam. The winning team was the game Siamese T-Rex, a team-based game where the objective was to hold onto your heart by hugging your fellow teammate, as other teams tried to remove your tail.

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