Thanks to all participants of the summer school games and play

To some the idea of being cooked up in a classroom for two weeks in the middle of August might not be the perfect idea of spending summer. But for me, I enjoyed every moment of it! The summer school was beyond expectations. Besides heated academic discussions on the ontology of games or the study of play in the field of game studies there was time to enjoy that what we like the most: games! What’s even better, spending two weeks with like-minded scholars forges relationships that will last a long time. There is even talk of going to Malta next year to visit the Maltese Game Studies group.

Together with my collegues Joost, Sybille, René, Teresa and Alex I am very happy for the experience of co-organizing this event. Thanks to all the lecturers providing food for thought, and to all other participants, especially Josh, Matt, Costantino, David, Jean-luc, Sjors, Bjorn, Andrea, Robert and Joeri for all the laughs!

Read some of the blogs fellow-participants have written:

In what follows a short photobomb that may provide a gist of these two weeks. Joeri, thanks for being our in-house photographer!

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