Research on Material Culture, Contemporary Conflict, and Digital Media

I am a firm believer in practice-based research, in my work I try to learn as much about the design and production of objects, as I do studying them. As a result my research is always strongly embedded within the media landscape, often working with, or on behalf of, different companies and institutes.

Recently, my intellectual curiosity in how games and play represent contemporary conflict has led me to study the production of games as a research object.

Current Research Project

2015-09/2019-08, PhD Candidate

Utrecht University (NL)

In this PhD Project, I analyze the material culture of digital games and its effects by studying the relationship between patterns in design, war-games, and the representation of contemporary conflict. The project is part of the ‘Graduate Programme Games Research’, an interdisciplinary collaboration between computer science and humanities.

Past Research Projects

2014-09/2015-09, Simulation & Games in Academic Education

Utrecht University (NL)

This practice-based research project ‘Simulation and Simulation Games in Academic Education’ at Utrecht University investigates the effectiveness of simulations and simulation games in academic education. Our interdisciplinary team consisted of a group of scholars from computer science, pedagogy, governance and the humanities. We will present our research at the Games and Learning Alliance Conference 2015 (link).


2014-02/2014-07, Researching the DIY-Bio movement

Waag Society, Amsterdam (NL)

I obtained a research position at Waag Society’s hacker space the Open Wetlab in Amsterdam. My research focused on the online do-it-yourself (DIY) biology movement and biohacker practices and developing playful education strategies for the Wetlab.


2014-02/2012-07, Conducting Data Research,

EMMA Communication, The Hague (NL)

For six months I conducted media and data analysis for several branches of the government, such as the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, and the province of Noord-Brabant.


2011-09/2012-09, Digital Media Research

Upstream Strategies, Arnhem (NL)

Working as a project manager in a digital communications agency my daily tasks consisted of organizing events, conducting project management for digital media campaigns, and doing qualitative and quantitative research within different media practices.


2010-01/2012-06, Civic Education through Gamification

YoungDone, owner

After my bachelor degree I created YoungDone, a pervasive game designed to increase civic and cultural engagement in high school students (maatschappelijke stage). For this start-up I received a social innovation grant.