• Second selfie-treasure hunt with refugees in Utrecht

    Great success! Two weeks ago we played the selfie-treasure hunt with refugees from the Utrecht refugee center to have them playfully explore the city. The selfie-treasure hunt is developed by me and my fellow PhD candidate Sjors Martens, and research master students Nico Lopez Coombs and Arash Ghajarjazi. The main objective of the game was to create a safe and playful way for this vulnerable group to explore the city. This is the second time we’ve played it.

  • Doing a selfie treasure hunt with refugees

    Over the course of a couple of weeks, me and my game colleagues at Utrecht University developed a semi-analog location-based game for the refugees in Utrecht. The game is a selfie treasure hunt, and uses play as a way to turn the space of Utrecht into a more familiar place. The play test exceeded our expectation and as it turns out, the selfie is a universal phenomenon.