Some things about me


Stephanie is a PhD candidate at Utrecht University. Her doctoral research ‘Conflicting Patterns: Mapping Assemblages of Conflict in Contemporary War Games’ focuses on the politics of constructing and reproducing contemporary war frames in virtual technologies and intersects conflict, cultural, and technological research. Her research is part of the NWO funded ‘Graduate Programme Game Research.’

Her past research has included work on the use of simulations and games in academic education, the role of play in the online do-it-yourself (DIY) biology movement and biohacker practices, and data analysis of political discussions on social media in the Netherlands. Although Stephanie has a diverse humanities background, her research is always practice-based and focuses on contemporary culture. Her current research interests include: games and play, qualitative research methods, discourse, and violent conflict.

Stephanie has a BA in Communication Studies, a MA in New Media Studies (Cum Laude), and research MA Media and Performance Studies from Utrecht University.


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